Poll: What’s your average weekly grocery bill?

Alright. I’m not sure if I even have enough readers to make this poll work, but I’m curious to know how much people are spending on groceries every week. I ask because I recently came into some money (read: got a job…or rather, a consulting gig), and I’m looking at being able to spend a bit more on food. This likely won’t translate into anything drastic for me – I like the way I eat, and for the most part, I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing for the sake of thrift. But I will probably start watching my costs a bit less (which I’m sure will translate into higher food costs overall), so I am curious to know where others fall on the grocery spending continuum, cheapskate or not.

So. What’s your average weekly grocery budget look like – let’s say per family member over the age of five? (And yes, I do actually know someone who spends less than $30 a week.)


Feel free to leave more details in comments, if you wish!


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