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Ohai, internets, long time no see. I’m in the middle of putting together some absurdly complicated applications for research grants to fund my Ph.D. work, so I’ve had absolutely no time to devote to cooking this week, let alone blogging about it. However, I’m cooking up a wonderful-smelling Ethiopian lentil stew even as we speak (this recipe is SUPER easy, so it’s great when things are hectic), and hopefully I’ll have time to post that and some other good stuff later in the week when things calm down a bit.

So, to hold you over until then, here’s a LifeHacker tip about creating a refrigerator “triage box” to help you identify which foods are going to go bad soon so you can eat them and not waste as much money. (This tip is compliments of one of my friends, who saw it and thought of this blog. 🙂 )


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